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What’s in a name?

By Janet Lim A few Singaporean news blogs have recently reported that a Singaporean freelance model, Jvnne Zheng, has lodged a police report against a porn site for using her pictures without her permission and defaming her. To be perfectly … Continue reading

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Undressing Society

By Sangeetha Dorairaj When I was working at a tourism organisation last year, I vividly remember being fascinated by a particular female director. She was always dressed like a femme fatale in her short figure-hugging skirts, cleavage-exposing blouses, shoulder-baring dresses … Continue reading

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Threatened by female sexuality?

By Ghui It never ceases to amaze me that so many allegedly “modern” citizens of Singapore possess such antiquated ideals on women, sexuality and marriage. In many instances, inspirational women have had their achievements overlooked simply because society is unable … Continue reading

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The White Boy and the Dragon Lady

by Aneeta H Mixed race relationships have long been a social ‘issue’ that has for better or worse been fodder for public debate. Two weeks ago, the BBC piloted the first of a 3 part documentary series entitled ‘Mixed Britannia’. … Continue reading

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Channel 8, Conservatism, and Sexual Health

by Desiree Lim Let’s admit it: when we were kids, we relished hearing about sex. (I assume, hopefully, that I am not the only one.) Right now I have the luxury of extended conversations with unflinching gynaecological content. But things … Continue reading

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