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What’s in a name?

By Janet Lim A few Singaporean news blogs have recently reported that a Singaporean freelance model, Jvnne Zheng, has lodged a police report against a porn site for using her pictures without her permission and defaming her. To be perfectly … Continue reading

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Media Misogyny and its disastrous consequence

By Ghui Media sensationalism is something we are all collectively complicit in. From the journalists who search for the most dramatic headlines to the readers who voraciously lap up the juiciest stories, we all have a part to play in … Continue reading

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We’re Back!

We took some time out but are back this month with three new articles. Thanks for reading and keep coming back!

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People aren’t property!

By Veera Velu The recent debate on whether domestic helpers in Singapore should be given a mandatory day off is appalling. By this I don’t even mean that some of the arguments are reprehensible, though they are and I will … Continue reading

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Female Anthems: ‘You Got the Love’ by Candi Staton

By RJ Thomson Feminism often finds its greatest expression in music. I state this often overlooked truth to open the first of a series of occasional posts about ‘classic’ women’s pop songs, written for the Mohini Myth blog. Most of … Continue reading

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Get your ideas on equality shipshape!

By Ghui On 13 January 2012, the Costa Concordia ran aground. She was half capsized, heavily damaged and half-submerged off Isola del Giglio, Italy. Up until yesterday, bodies were still being recovered. It’s been suggested that women and children were … Continue reading

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Antiquated ideals on marriage

By Ghui As one gets older, it is common for one to reflect and to assess how one has lived his or her life. It is therefore no surprise that Dr Lee Wei Ling has written a post entitled “Living … Continue reading

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