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Women, Food, Sex and Death : Feminism in ‘La Grande Bouffe’

By Lupiloo At the 1973 Cannes film festival, Ingrid Bergman pronounced ‘La Grande Bouffe’ the most ‘sordid’ movie she had ever watched.  Some reports even claim that she vomited after watching it; and who can blame her? The movie, written … Continue reading

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Undressing Society

By Sangeetha Dorairaj When I was working at a tourism organisation last year, I vividly remember being fascinated by a particular female director. She was always dressed like a femme fatale in her short figure-hugging skirts, cleavage-exposing blouses, shoulder-baring dresses … Continue reading

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Threatened by female sexuality?

By Ghui It never ceases to amaze me that so many allegedly “modern” citizens of Singapore possess such antiquated ideals on women, sexuality and marriage. In many instances, inspirational women have had their achievements overlooked simply because society is unable … Continue reading

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