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Yes means yes and no means no, whether I’m wearing a thong or a chastity belt.

Anu Selva-Thomson’s article on Singapore’s upcoming SlutWalk and the issue of secondary victimization of rape victims has been published on AWARE’s blog and on Public     Read it here: or Advertisements

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EtiquetteII Screen Event Review

by Caroline Gordon It was with much anticipation that I made my way down to The Substation on Friday 5th August evening to catch the first screening of EtiquetteII’s double showcase of films by Singaporean women. Being the second installment … Continue reading

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Don’t forget to bring along your Ovulation Charts for your job interviews!

by Lupiloo Discrimination against women in the workplace might seem like old news; most men believe it doesn’t exist anymore and women for the most part, take it in their stride, sharing their frustrations with sympathetic girlfriends over coffee, but … Continue reading

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Channel 8, Conservatism, and Sexual Health

by Desiree Lim Let’s admit it: when we were kids, we relished hearing about sex. (I assume, hopefully, that I am not the only one.) Right now I have the luxury of extended conversations with unflinching gynaecological content. But things … Continue reading

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Unravelling the Fearsome Myth of Feminism

by ghui The concept of women’s rights is fairly new in Singapore and the issue of feminism in Singaporean society is one mired by conflicting societal expectations. With economic changes in the last 40 years, the position of women altered … Continue reading

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